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Hands On Hardcore - Julia Roca
Hands On Hardcore - Julia Roca
Hands On Hardcore - Julia Roca

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Hands On Hardcore - Julia Roca

This scene opens with a brief panorama of a beautiful Spanish forest as manly Miguel Zayas is going for a run. When he stops to rest, the svelte artist Julia Roca happens to be passing by and tries to discretely snap a photo of him with her phone. Miguel sees her, however, and invites the embarrassed young fox to meet him, and they connect on social media. Julia tells him the photo is for a photography class, but in reality she took it so she could flick the bean to Miguel's muscular build later on! No sooner does Julia get home than the two masturbate for each other on their phones -- until Julia's battery dies, just as her hairy snatch is about to explode! Miguel wastes no time in coming over to Julia's place to give this lovely Mediterranean brunette what they both want. He starts by fingering her pussy and she sucks his magnificent cock before they settle into some romantic deep dicking in a variety of positions of the sort that only a real athlete can accomplish. If you like your hardcore sex mixed with just the right amount of sensuality and romance, this scene is for you.
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